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About Our Formulator

About Our Formulator

Our formulator Jana, serves as our proud owner and operator. Jana's professional journey has woven through many realms of design, including professional website and interior design, but ultimately leading to a decade long career in organic landscaping and permaculture design.

Jana's extensive experience in design has provided her with a diverse creative background. While seemingly unrelated, the transition from "the right plant in the right place" to "the right plant for its beauty benefits" reflects her innate ability to apply natural design skills.

In her previous life as a designer, Jana specialized in organic and edible landscaping, permaculture design. She even had a brief but rewarding career in the world of interior design.

However, her true passion has always been rooted in working with plants. 

In 2014, after the birth of her daughter, she embarked on a journey into herbalism, and eventually diving into the intricate world of natural skincare.



"While some may see gardening and skincare as unrelated, I see them as integrated facets of my passions. Today, I continue to engage with plants daily, albeit now as the finished ingredients in my products rather than in a landscaping application."

Plant-based beauty and Bare Nature are a perfect convergence for Jana.

She brings a wealth of knowledge, honed through years of design and a deep understanding of plants and their powerful properties, to curate skincare products that harness the beauty benefits of Nature.

Jana's commitment to excellence extends beyond product formulation and into her packaging, social media and web design skills... ensuring that Bare Nature is not only a reflection of nature's bounty but also a visually captivating experience.




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